Completed Newcastle Missions: Gallery

Maddy Phelan (aka Katrol) 'Work Together (Double Agent)

Licky La Creme 'Mercreature'


Maddys Goat Story in Chinese Picture Cards

Mark & Erin 'Finding George' Video

Mark & Erin 'Finding George' Video

SNC1074 Kids Workshop 'Walking the Weather Balloon' 30m Trail

Mission 14: Mercreature: Licky La Creme : Complete

ok miss licky la creme.. are u ready? umm there is still a sea creature mission that is not being done. would you like to draw a 3 x A4 frame comic plus 2 x triangles 21cm each side. theme sea creatures. i will make a dice from ur drawings. please include the text ‘fangtooth’ and the numbers ‘6, 9 and 3’.. this might be a bit 2 much if u dont have the time u can just do 1 a4 page.. u can email me them by wednesday 24th to nicolaisgreatATgmailDOTcom

Mission 2: Puppy Energy for UN PeaceRobot: Chickenhawk59: Complete

MISSION: Puppies for Peace

INFO: The UN has commissioned us to research the energy of puppies. There is nothing like a playful puppy to sedate & pacify a warmonger. The UN wishes to build Puppy Peacemaker Robots. You must document the playful and kind energy of a puppy

TALENTS: You must be able to get a lot of energy out of puppy and be able to think like one.

RISKS: Puppies get tired and need naps, if they dont get naps maybe they might not be so nice.

PRODUCTS:Videos of Puppy Energy, Photos of Puppy Energy Eyes, You can also mimic the Puppy Energy. Small Audio Recordings of dogclaws on wooden floor boards

Taken by: Renee Claire

Hidden in: Pac man

Reports: Video and Workshop Collaboration

Mission 13: Work Together (Double Agent): Katrol

MISSION 5 Work Together (Double Agent)

INFO One other spy is intercepting messages at the spy tower (the penis towernear central). You must document what this spy does, try and take as many photos or recordings of this spy near the tower.

RISKS The other spy may not trust you. Work together or Be Stealthy

PRODUCTS: Photos, Video Recordings, Story

taken by: Maddy Phelan

hidden in: buttercup1

Pick a Toy, Any Toy, Inside is Ur Secret Mission

Mission 12: The Jogger Puppet: Princess Gillie & Bad Girl DM : AWOL

MISSION 12: The Jogger Puppet

INFO: Joggers are more likely to be terrorists. Follow the joggers around Newcastle. Document their beat and any suspicious activity

SPECIAL TALENTS Speed or Turtle Power

PRODUCTS: Photos, Videos, Audio Recordings

taken by; high school kids

given away for free.. saw the kids next day protesting about internet censorship

Pick a Toy, Any Toy, Inside is Ur Secret Mission

Mission 11: The P$n$s Tower : The Seaman and Mr. Phallus: AWOL

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MISSION 3: Receiving/Sending Spy Signalsfrom the Spy Tower.

INFO: The Penis Tower near central is also a spy tower. This 2 weeks you will intercept signals from all over the galaxy. Send out your messages of Love and Peace

SPECIIAL TALENTS: Night Vision, Weather balloons, Multi-Lingual. Morse Code RISKS: The other spies must not see you.

PRODUCTS: Field Recordings, Interventions, Paper Aeroplanes, New Language.Videos

taken by: Maddy Phelan for karlin

hidden in: Buttercup

Mission 10: Find the Piano Man: Timmo2au: AWOL

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MISSION 2: Find the Piano Man

INFO: The famous Piano Man is in Newcastle. He leaves his mark on Pianos. You must investigate as many pianos as possible.

SPECIAL TALENTS: a good ear, friends in the piano moving business

RISKS: The Piano Man could kill you with his Piano String

PRODUCTS: Recordings, Maps, Photos, Stories about Piano Man

taken by: Tracey Hau

hidden in: Kermit

Pick a Toy, Any Toy, Inside is Ur Secret Mission

Mission 9: Magic Horse Hair: Tezz: AWOL

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MISSION 7: Horse Hair Magic INFO; Horse Hair could be magic. or psychedelic. Investigate peoples links with horses/horse products. Is there any magic or psychedelia?

SPECIAL TALENTS: Horse Whisperer, & Peanut Butter Tricks

RISKS: High Spies go AWOL

PRODuCTS: Video Tests, Photos, Found Objects, Costume, Audio Recordings

taken by: Tracy Wong

hidden in: Blossom powerpuff

Pick a Toy, Any Toy, Inside is Ur Secret Mission

Mission 8 Complete: George the Legless Seagull : Mark & Erin

Mark & Erin came to me with some video footage they had about a legless seagull, we talked about how it could fit into spystation and they were gonna put together a small movie for me.

Today, they handed it in. Its a great suprise for me! Here are some screenshots, please come along on friday night, saturday or sunday to see it on the projector.

Mission 5: Environmental Spy : friendlydolphingirl :AWOL

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MISSION 11: Environmental Spy

INFO Document positve and negative efforts 2wards conservation

SPECIAL TALENTS: Green Party Membership and Midnight Oil CD

RISKS Smelly toilets

PRODUCTS: Photos of Rooms with Lights on and No one in them, Cars with single drivers, Bikes withmultiple passengers, Toilets waiting to be flushed for a #2

taken by: anonymous couple for friend

hidden in: Peace Beanie Bear