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Mission 12: The Jogger Puppet: Princess Gillie & Bad Girl DM : AWOL

MISSION 12: The Jogger Puppet INFO: Joggers are more likely to be terrorists. Follow the joggers around Newcastle. Document their beat and any suspicious activity SPECIAL TALENTS Speed or Turtle Power PRODUCTS: Photos, Videos, Audio Recordings taken by; high school kids given away for free.. saw the kids next day protesting about internet censorship Advertisements

Mission 9: Magic Horse Hair: Tezz: AWOL

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000000903 StartFragment:0000000454 EndFragment:0000000887 MISSION 7: Horse Hair Magic INFO; Horse Hair could be magic. or psychedelic. Investigate peoples links with horses/horse products. Is there any magic or psychedelia? SPECIAL TALENTS: Horse Whisperer, & Peanut Butter Tricks RISKS: High Spies go AWOL PRODuCTS: Video Tests, Photos, Found Objects, Costume, Audio Recordings taken by: Tracy […]

Secret Spies – I RockĀ°

Hi, Last week I got a visit during my workshop with Maddy from a secret spy. He said no words but made me read his messages bob dylan style.. a beat spy had time travelled to newcastle 2010. to tell me what? to tell me that I rock! plus i put my hand on my […]

E-mission 3 Complete: Kate Geck: Make 2.5th Dimension Safe

E-mission 2 Complete: Holly Fluxx & Oliver of the Sky : Tie A Rainbow Ribbon

Holly Fluxx 0:39 Video 4 Photos – ‘Holly South’, Holly East, Holly North, Holly West Oliver of the Sky 2:25 Video 10 Photos – Untitled