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MISSION: Sexy Entanglements: Complete (in Lieu)

I have a lot of amazing girlfriends and we often amuse each other with our tales of sexy entanglements. So in case I dont get a report from my Newcastle spy I will tell some stories of an anonymous spy who called in to make a 1 hour report. I will tell the beginning of […]

E-mission 3 Complete: Kate Geck: Make 2.5th Dimension Safe

E-mission 3: Kate Geck: Chase 2.5th Dimension Enemy

Mission: Make 2.5th Dimension Safe Enemy: 2.5th Dimension Anti-Hero Talents: Invisibility, Costume, Safe Pyramids Products: Animation from a different dimension/world

E-mission 2 Complete: Holly Fluxx & Oliver of the Sky : Tie A Rainbow Ribbon

Holly Fluxx 0:39 Video 4 Photos – ‘Holly South’, Holly East, Holly North, Holly West Oliver of the Sky 2:25 Video 10 Photos – Untitled

E-mission 2: Holly Fluxx & Oliver of the Sky: Tie A Rainbow Ribbon

Holly Fluxx & Oliver of the Sky (AU & NZ) Mission; Tie a Rainbow Ribbon Nemesis: The Haters Special Talents: Crafty, Sk8brdn, Time Travel Reports: Photos of Rainbow Ribbon tied around public space Creating & Recording Rainbows, Rainbow Trails to the future

E-mission 1 complete: Spy Mel : Snowman – see the blog and see it exhbited.. I am referencing the work of my exbf arryn snowballs paintings of sheets.. worth thousands like this. thanks to the very productive melody.

E-Mission 1: Spy Mel : Find Eurominable Snowman

Mission: Find Eurominable Snowman Nemesis: Bounty Hunters Talents: Telepathy, Romance, Dance Reports: Snowman trail, Hunting Dance,  Love letters