Mission 2: Puppy Energy for UN PeaceRobot: Chickenhawk59: Complete

MISSION: Puppies for Peace

INFO: The UN has commissioned us to research the energy of puppies. There is nothing like a playful puppy to sedate & pacify a warmonger. The UN wishes to build Puppy Peacemaker Robots. You must document the playful and kind energy of a puppy

TALENTS: You must be able to get a lot of energy out of puppy and be able to think like one.

RISKS: Puppies get tired and need naps, if they dont get naps maybe they might not be so nice.

PRODUCTS:Videos of Puppy Energy, Photos of Puppy Energy Eyes, You can also mimic the Puppy Energy. Small Audio Recordings of dogclaws on wooden floor boards

Taken by: Renee Claire

Hidden in: Pac man

Reports: Video and Workshop Collaboration


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