Mission 6: Gloria Jeans v. Totoro’s Teahouse: Mrs Strain: AWOL

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MISSION 4. Gjs vs Totoro’s Teahouse

INFO Find out if there is competition. Comparitive Analysis

SPECIAL TALENTS: Rubbish finder,

RISKS: Coffee is addictive.

PRODUCTS: Interventions, Chalk, Coffee Cup Stains, Photos, New Coffee shop music

taken by: anonymous couple

hidden in: Snoopy

Pick a Toy, Any Toy, Inside is Ur Secret Mission


Mission 7: Underground Village: Purple Wizzy: AWOL

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MISSION 10: Underground Village

INFO Relatives of the Wombles and the Creatures from Fraggle Rock are reported to be living underground Newcastle. Discover their lair, language and customs

SPECIAL TALENTS: Digging without damaging

RISKS: Giant Ants

PRODUCTS: Drawings, Audio Recordings, Stories

Taken by: Josh, Luci & Rhyse

Hidden in: Lilo

Mission 4: Sexy Entanglements: di_w6 : Complete

MiSSION 9: Sexy Entanglements

INFO Everyone loves a spy and Spystation will cut you free at the end of the month

SPECIAL TALENTS: George Clooney Charm

RISKS: Heartache and a bad reputation

PRODUCTS: Photos of human, animal, plant entanglement, Sexy Phonecalls

Taken by: a hot anonymous guy in business attire

Hidden in: Count Muppet

Completed in lieu https://spymissions.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/mission-sexy-entanglements-complete-in-lieu/

Mission 3: Creature of the Blue Lagoon: Chocchip31: AWOL

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MISSION 8: Creature from the Blue Lagoon

INFO The creature from the Blue Lagoon can now morph into any wet person


RISKS: If any of these wet ppl are the Creature, you could be in trouble

PRODUCTS: Collect Photos-Videos-Sounds Stories of wet people

Taken by: Donna

Hidden in: Bubbles (later stolen in Smash n Grab, Donna left bubbles behind)

Pick a Toy, Any Toy, Inside is Ur Secret Mission

Mission 1: Follow a Cat: Big Group of Kids: AWOL

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MISSION 1: Follow a Cat

INFO: There are rumours that cats are travelling through space and time in their own UFOs. We need to find out if this is true. Cats have a 6th sense, 9 lives and are creatures of the night.

SPECIAL TALENTS: Stealth, Night Vision, See Around Corners

RiISKS Cats dont like being followed.

PRODUCTS:Maps, Photos, Recordings, Cat Language,

Pick a Toy, Any Toy, Inside is Ur Secret Mission

Taken by: Big Group of Kids

Hidden in: Hello Kitty Anarchist Key Ring

Reports: None

Mission: Puppy Energy: Photos from Spy Workshop: Kid’s

Still working on the video. But here are some photos taken by Nicola Xavier

MISSION: Sexy Entanglements: Complete (in Lieu)

I have a lot of amazing girlfriends and we often amuse each other with our tales of sexy entanglements. So in case I dont get a report from my Newcastle spy I will tell some stories of an anonymous spy who called in to make a 1 hour report. I will tell the beginning of the entanglements as the endings could be incriminating

1) a plane ticket to melbourne

2) hot and sexy smses from an international long distance lover

3) a waitress confusing coffee orders starts a plan for a submissive/dominant affair

no entanglements for me in newcastle as promised by my new years resolution. tho did activate a pimsleur love when 2 men sent me pimsleur japanese audio tapes and they arrived the same day (i gave them different addresses coz im a spy silly)

Double Entendres vs. Double Addresses

Secret Spies – I Rock°


Last week I got a visit during my workshop with Maddy from a secret spy. He said no words but made me read his messages bob dylan style.. a beat spy had time travelled to newcastle 2010. to tell me what? to tell me that I rock! plus i put my hand on my head then my forehead and shouted ‘naked clitorises’ but most importantly i rock like angus young and the x double guitar!

oh yeah, this was one of the pics he used.

Kids Workshop, Saturday Feb 20

Hide and Seek in Loop Space

We played Hide and Seek in Loop Space while I was fiddling around with the computer. The person who was up would take a photo of the person who they caught when they found them.

Renee-Claire is one of my spies, Nicholas and Xavier just came by because an interested parent came by and I needed people to come to my workshops. Funnily enough they are also from Brisbane, but living in Newcastle for a while, their mum is called Nicola and also went to St. Rita’s.

Xavier found in the listening booth

Nicholas found hiding behind my monster luggage

Renee-Claire (aka chickenhawk59) found hiding in dungeon cellar

Language Workshop with Maddy (aka katrol) Part II

I asked Maddy to write a text 70 words long with only 14 words.

She chose her 14 words randomly from Kafka’s ‘metamorphosis’

Lady Meditations

One forgetting himself

noticed doubt,


himself, eyes toward alarm

doubt, because lady noticed himself forgetting

Lady eyes himself,

himself doubt

lady words toward meditations,

himself forgetting alarm

Before, words toward lady alarm

because himself alarm

lady noticed alarm eyes,

dumbfounded eyes,

eyes forgetting

himself doubt lady

Lady eyes one

himself noticed lady eyes

himself forgetting himself

himself toward lady

Words toward lady meditations

himself noticed meditations

himself lady


(sic: centering)

I have translated this text to German.

Weibliche Nachdenken

Man vergisst sich selbst

Der Zweifel bemerkt,


sich, die Augen zum Lärm

Der Zweifel, weil die Dame bemerkt, dass vergisst ihm selbst

Weibliche Augen, ihm selbst

ihm selbst, der Zweifel

die weiblich Worten zum Nachdenken

ihm selbst vergisst den Lärm

Vor, die Worte in Richtung zum Lärm der Dame

denn lärmt ihm selbst

die Dame bermerkt die Augen des Lärm

die verblüffte Augen

Die Augen vergisst sich

ihn selbst, den Zweifel, die Dame

Weibliche Augen, eins

bemerkt er selbst die weiblichen Augen

er selbst vergisst ihn selbst

ihm selbst gegen die Dame

die Worte zum weibliche Nachdenken

ihm selbst bemerkt dem Nachdenken

ihm selbst, die Dame


I want to make a video of us doing this and we replace every fifth word with a found object.. hm hard to explain.. will just do and let you all see