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Mission 12: The Jogger Puppet: Princess Gillie & Bad Girl DM : AWOL

MISSION 12: The Jogger Puppet INFO: Joggers are more likely to be terrorists. Follow the joggers around Newcastle. Document their beat and any suspicious activity SPECIAL TALENTS Speed or Turtle Power PRODUCTS: Photos, Videos, Audio Recordings taken by; high school kids given away for free.. saw the kids next day protesting about internet censorship Advertisements

Spy Missions Hidden Inside

Activation of the Spystation NC1074 starts with you lingering at the window.. then Ha! ‘Hi, I’m a Spystation’ 1-minute play devised by myself starts. Its only a brave view who make it to the ‘I would like to buy a toy’ or ‘Sign me up as a Spy’ who get the 10 minute play and […]