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Mission 4: Sexy Entanglements: di_w6 : Complete

MiSSION 9: Sexy Entanglements INFO Everyone loves a spy and Spystation will cut you free at the end of the month SPECIAL TALENTS: George Clooney Charm RISKS: Heartache and a bad reputation PRODUCTS: Photos of human, animal, plant entanglement, Sexy Phonecalls Taken by: a hot anonymous guy in business attire Hidden in: Count Muppet Completed […]

MISSION: Sexy Entanglements: Complete (in Lieu)

I have a lot of amazing girlfriends and we often amuse each other with our tales of sexy entanglements. So in case I dont get a report from my Newcastle spy I will tell some stories of an anonymous spy who called in to make a 1 hour report. I will tell the beginning of […]

Spy Missions Hidden Inside

Activation of the Spystation NC1074 starts with you lingering at the window.. then Ha! ‘Hi, I’m a Spystation’ 1-minute play devised by myself starts. Its only a brave view who make it to the ‘I would like to buy a toy’ or ‘Sign me up as a Spy’ who get the 10 minute play and […]