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Completed Newcastle Missions: Gallery

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Mission 2: Puppy Energy for UN PeaceRobot: Chickenhawk59: Complete

MISSION: Puppies for Peace INFO: The UN has commissioned us to research the energy of puppies. There is nothing like a playful puppy to sedate & pacify a warmonger. The UN wishes to build Puppy Peacemaker Robots. You must document the playful and kind energy of a puppy TALENTS: You must be able to get […]

Mission: Puppy Energy: Photos from Spy Workshop: Kid’s

Still working on the video. But here are some photos taken by Nicola Xavier

Kids Workshop, Saturday Feb 20

Hide and Seek in Loop Space We played Hide and Seek in Loop Space while I was fiddling around with the computer. The person who was up would take a photo of the person who they caught when they found them. Renee-Claire is one of my spies, Nicholas and Xavier just came by because an […]