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Completed Newcastle Missions: Gallery


Mission 13: Work Together (Double Agent): Katrol

MISSION 5 Work Together (Double Agent) INFO One other spy is intercepting messages at the spy tower (the penis towernear central). You must document what this spy does, try and take as many photos or recordings of this spy near the tower. RISKS The other spy may not trust you. Work together or Be Stealthy […]

Language Workshop with Maddy (aka katrol) Part II

I asked Maddy to write a text 70 words long with only 14 words. She chose her 14 words randomly from Kafka’s ‘metamorphosis’ Lady Meditations One forgetting himself noticed doubt, dumbfounded himself, eyes toward alarm doubt, because lady noticed himself forgetting Lady eyes himself, himself doubt lady words toward meditations, himself forgetting alarm Before, words […]

Language Workshop with Maddy (aka katrol) Part 1

First Maddy wrote a story using my language cards using the old complex chinese kanji.. Then we had a go at writing it together.. on the scroll We tried saying it together, then.. after hearing the story in English. I analysed the text. I gave her my proverb for her mission: ‘Goat that stands atop […]